How to become a Freelancer and make your dream a reality!

You may already be a freelance stylist, artist, technician or therapist or just beginning your journey and thinking about becoming one. Wherever you are there are always ways to make the most of your freedom. The prospect of being your own boss and making your own decisions and choices has always been an exciting yet scary one! If that’s you and ultimately you haven’t quite had the courage to make it happen then let’s look again…

Never has there been a better time to focus on the What, Why, When and How!

What: you could already be working in the right role but wrong place. You love everything about your job, just wish you could be in charge of the way you’re working and who you’re working with, even the products you are obliged to use and sell – if only you had the freedom to choose…

Why: You have trained so long to achieve your goals but somehow those goals are not quite as you imagined they would be – if only you had the freedom to choose…

When: NOW is always a good time! But it never seems to be the right time: too many commitments, not enough energy to change, fear of finances – if only you had the freedom to choose…

How: The ultimate question! It seems too big to find the answer but by breaking things down and really focussing you can find how to have that freedom…

Firstly you must be honest with yourself!

Are you prepared to:
Put the time in?
Be a realist?
Work harder than you ever have before?
Take the knock-backs?
If the answer is (mostly) yes to all then you’re ready to have fun!

To start with of course you must get your experience and training. Most freelancers never expected to be freelancers; they had a completely different goal in mind. Some have a natural talent or unique idea but all have a drive within that won’t be pushed down.

Find the best training you can and put the hours in. Listen to all around you. Everyone’s experience and knowledge is helpful, even those you really dislike, it’s all valuable. Be open to ideas and opportunities. Learning to deal with difficult situations and all types of people will be your strength. In fact, being in the right role/ wrong place can actually really help your freelance career as it fine tunes your senses and you learn exactly what makes you stand still and what makes you grow.

To kick start your new career; ideally you should have a buffer of money, emotional support from family and friends and a shoulder to cry on. Of course you can’t just conjure these things up and for some the fact that they ‘made it on their own’ makes it all the sweeter. Look into new start grants and loans which could give you the step up you need.

Working part time to support your change over to full time freelancer is often the best way to get there. This will be the most challenging time and often when most give up on their dream but hang in there it will be worth the long hours and all the juggling of roles and time.

Keep organised! This is key. Keep all your stock and products up to date, your kit in order and tools in top condition. A super tidy routine between clients and at the end of each day means you’re ready to go for the next. Be on top of your basics like car insurance, tax, mot. 

Seek out other professionals to support your work so that your legals, insurance and accounts are covered. You may need to sort out a DBS certificate if you are working with minors or vulnerable people.

Keep motivated a natural freelancer is by definition motivated but when you are on your own and ultimately responsible for all your choices it can be hard when you hit a quiet period or when you are sick as ‘no work no pay’.

Great Advertising is really the key to a business start-up and in growing your business successfully – along with all your natural talents and expertise of course! A fantastic website is your shopfront along with regular updates on your social media to keep your potential and current clients updated on your latest work and offers is a must.

Standing out in a crowd however is not so easy – this is where Hair & Beauty 2me comes in – Showcasing your particular skill set, talents and special offers just got a whole lot easier!

Believe in yourself and before you know it you are that professional, driven, fabulous freelancer you always wanted to be!

Remember your reasons for wanting to fly solo in the first place and above all ENJOY!

Author: HB2me

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